The best solution for global needs, sourced from Indonesia.

The Best Solution for Global Needs

Our sustainable factory practices aim to ensure that hardwood charcoal exports are produced in an environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable way, thereby enabling this important industry to thrive for years to come.

Export Capability

PT Dast Global Jaya have capability to supply hardwood charcoal in large scale and will increasingly maintain the quality of hardwood charcoalchoices for consumers, whether locally, between provinces, and even international.

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Why you should choose us?


The goal of quality control is to provide customers with a high-quality product that meets their expectations and maintains the reputation of the charcoal business.


We take care of our customers and strive to satisfy their unique needs by going the extra mile. Customer loyalty is our greatest asset.


Delays in delivery can lead to a decrease in quality. On-time delivery is a key factor in the success of ce businesses of all types and sizes.

Hardwood Charcoal

Hardwood charcoal is our best-selling product. In terms of quality, charcoal made of hardwood is always a great choice, as it offers much better quality than other options. Using hardwood charcoal gives you unique advantages: the food has better flavours, there’s less ash produced and it is ignited really fast.

Made from invasive trees such as Acacia Farnesiana or Acacia Mangium, and seasonal fruit trees like mango, tamarind, lemon and rubber trees, it’s the perfect solution for grilling or BBQ. Due to its high-end qualities, we export our hardwood charcoal to several countries, for both barbecue and industrial applications. And especially because food tastes better with it.

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